Friday, February 13, 2009

Good Acting Resources on the Interent

I have found a few great web sites for actors in my searching of the internet to further expand my career.  I figured it only appropriate to share them with everyone else.

Here you go, in no specific order of importance whatsoever:

Actors Access - A great place to be able to find out what is going on with auditions, and you can even submit yourself for a small fee.  Some may be free, I am not sure.  However if you are a serious actor you should be all over this web site. 

Casting Networks - (also known as LA Casting) Another great place that you need to be a part of.  These guys basically own the commercial casting side of the business.  You need to have your picture and resume on this site for sure.

SAG - If you are not a member, you can learn how to become one here.  Also, there are a ton of great perks for members, like discounts on things you buy all of the time.

AFTRA - Same as the SAG site, if you are not a member go learn how and why you must become one as soon as possible.

Headshots101 - An amazing site, with everything you  need to know about one of the most important tools in getting work... your head shot.

My Acting Site - A place to not only get your very own web site, but also a ton of resources in their resource center.  You can sign up to get into the resource center for free, and trust me its worth it.

New York Film Academy - Lets face it, they are the leaders of some great education, and the summer program they have is just excellent!  They even have a class in Los Angeles.

Actors Connection - A great site for education, and great seminars.  They are in NYC, but do things in LA as well.  Great people!

Backstage - A great publication, with a casting notice board on the site.  You should really be in touch with this site on a regular basis.

There are a few more for sure, but this will get you started.  I will post more from time to time.  From my experience, even though some of these sites mentioned charge a fee... they are for sure legitimate.  There are a ton out there, that I will also mention at some later point... that may be free or may change you, but for every good site out there... there are 50 or more that are nothing more than a scam.  So be weary, and remember "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is"

Hope this helps!

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