Thursday, February 26, 2009

Promotion on a Budget For Actors

In these tough economic times it seems it can be hard to chase after our dreams.

And yet, ultimately, dreams are the only thing that will keep us all going, right? Think of Kennedy and his Space Program. At the time, just a dream, and a dream that kept us focused on exploration, not exploitation. Dr. Martin Luther King and his dream of a colorless America. He had a dream didn’t he?

I was shopping at the outlet malls in Palm Springs yesterday and wouldn’t you know it there was Scarlett Johansen and her husband, Ryan Reynolds (two of the nicest people by the way).

I thought to myself, now there is someone who GETS it, a big movie star who is shopping at an outlet mall, she has one of the hottest films out right now, and is IN TOUCH with the people – buying discount! It made me think of another big star who was quoted as saying she wouldn’t “dress down” for the Oscars, regardless of the economic times (I won’t mention her name but I am sure you could Google her) and to do what “makes you happy”! Can you imagine? To say that with the highest unemployment rate in decades? Do what makes you happy???? How about paying rent?

What does this have to do with promotion? Simple, these ladies are both huge stars, and one of them knows the importance of being real with the times. The other – bad promotion! I have seen Scarlett Johansen’s representation kit and let me tell you her team of agents are marketing geniuses! Not to say that the other isn’t a marketing guru, but in times like these one better get with the rest of us if you want us to see your movies, buy your clothes or listen to your music.

Take advantage of these economic times and get creative on your promotion. Promote yourself through paperless means, come up with a catchy phrase like “Join my Email list and receive updates through my Eco friendly waste –free website!” Take business cards from anyone and everyone that might know someone who knows someone and add their email to your email list so they get regular updates.

Make sure you keep your email list updated and send to it with some regularity. Not so much that people are annoyed with you, just enough that people feel in touch with you.

As an actor utilizing your website rather than mailing to the industry right now helps the environment, saves you cash and recognizes that these are tough and we need to do all we can to save money!

Of course, as an actor, you should ALWAYS keep some form of mailing card for follow up to auditions or meetings when you want to have a really personal touch.

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