Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Acting class for professional actors – Class Auditing

There has been some debate over the topic of whether one should go to a class that an actor cannot audit.

Some classes stipulate that they don’t want their students opened to ridicule, judgment, or the like.

Other classes suggest that if you don’t audit a class how will you know if you will fit with the other actors and therefore become a regular part of the class.

Here is one way to look at it: If you have the cash to go to a class without auditing it and you personally feel that the other’s who have come from the class are people you admire and have respect what can it hurt to pay a month’s class fees and do it?

On the other hand, if you don’t have heaps of cash lying around there are HUNDREDS of great classes that have huge actors who’ve attended that will allow you to audit the class for FREE!

A good class should have a website that you can check out. Any real professional in today’s day and age has a website, including most actors. It is an important calling card to show the public what you are about.

Go on their site and review their philosophy about teaching methods. Does it match yours? Do they list their students? Are you a fan of any of these student’s work? Do they have any statistics of the percentage of working actors in their class? Is it high or low in comparison to other classes?

These are all valid questions, as well as questions you should have the right to ask about and get an answer to.

Remember, this is YOUR career, if the other guy could act he would be! You have a gift use it and don’t allow even teachers to make you feel not worthy of attending a class!

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