Thursday, March 19, 2009

Actors and Agents - who works for whom

I have been in meetings with some of the worlds biggest Agency courting some pretty hi profile talent.

They come in in full regalia, suits, slick shoes and even slicker hair and yet still slicker talk. They bring out ALL the guns, everyone who could be part of the success of your career. They all intro themselves, smooth as silk with fast lips and faster titles, they promise the sun, the moon and yes, the stars, even the proverbial walk of fame star.

And then…

No calls, no offers, no wooing, and the auditions that are gotten aren’t great, mediocre in the majority in fact. And then the actor starts to feel smaller, unwanted, and I love this newest phrase in Hollywood - IRRELEVANT. It sickens me that anyone would suggest to an artist that they need to “stay relevant”. Relevant to whom? Some hack who will be fired or quit his or her big agency job in another month or three? Please!

The only thing that keeps an actor working is an actor. A hungry, vibrant, well trained and well promoted actor. Even with the biggest agency on the planet one is only as good as his or her last $ signs at the box office or his or her last Emmy or Golden Globe for the small screen.

Today is a different climate in Hollywood; in the wise words of Andy Warhol “In the future everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame.” Behold the latest and greatest “reality star”. YOU have to be the keeper of your own castle. YOU have to promote yourself regardless of if you have an agent. YOU have to pitch yourself even to your own agent or manager. I know it is sort of odd to think that you are the boss, being that you write the check in the end for their commission, but it is a fact.

So, I say to thee, be the boss of your fame, promote, promote, promote. Be creative it doesn’t have to cost a lot – it just has to be good!

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