Thursday, May 7, 2009

How come it takes a week to make a show?

This is about a brief rundown as can be done on a blog. If you have specific questions feel free to write back and ask those and I will answer as I can.

Television is not like a film. Most comedies are shot in sequence whereas most films are shot totally out of sequence.

In television there are multiple steps to creating a show and there are also multiple people who are involved.

There is the Director of the show, the Executive Producer, The Studio person and the Network person. ALL of these people have to agree that they like the particular show that has been written BEFORE it gets shot.

Because most studio and network execs are more business oriented than they are creative (someone has to make sure a show makes some money!!) they generally like to see the actors do what is called a table read. A table read is where all the actors sit down with the first draft of the script and read their parts and then all those present make notes, most importantly the Studio and Network people say what they do and do not like or will and will fly for the censors and advertisers.

The re-write begins. Then the cast and crew have to come back together to run through the script that has now been agreed and approved. Though there are still changes to be made from this point and those will be incorporated all the way up to filming.

There is another step called Blocking. This is where all the actors “marks” or places to walk or stand etc are blocked out so the camera men can ensure their cameras are in the right spot for shooting.

And then we come to the Network/Studio run through and rehearsal. This is where any notes from the Executives of the show are given and incorporated into the show.

Finally – it is shoot day! Some shows are shot in front of a live audience and this is the day they use to make the show that will finally be on TV.

So all in all it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 days to shoot a comedy show because of all the people who are involved.

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