Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How do I get an agent?

There are a number of ways to do this. I will list them in order of seniority:

1. If you personally know an agent, whether a family friend, a distant or close relative, a former co-worker or employer - never hesitate to ask them for an audition or representation. When possible do this in a face to face encounter. Where face to face is not possible send them a PERSONAL letter along with your photo and resume and website info.

2. If you have a friend who has representation ask them to put in a call to the agent and ask for a meeting on your behalf. Sometimes you have to press this point with a friend, but fear not, there is plenty of work in Hollywood and RARELY will it come down to you and your buddy for the final casting call.

3. If you meet someone at a party (this happens ALL the time) who is an agent, ask them if they would mind looking at your photo and resume, and hopefully you have a card with you that you can give them with your website on it so they have instant recognition when you send them something. Then make sure you follow up IMMEDIATELY, procrastination is the number one artist killer! Don't let it get you!

4. If you have none of the above, the next option is to call SAG or go on line and get an approved agent list that you can then mail to. Choose only those that you have some connection with, their name is the same as yours, their agency name jumped off the page at you, whatever system you would like to use, then mail to each of those chosen agents your photo and resume three times. Three is the magical number in this world, somehow after the third every actor I have ever worked with has gotten an agent if not sooner.

So, don't be afraid or reluctant to ask for help from those you know, be persistent and don't procrastinate when you have any opportunity!

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