Friday, July 3, 2009

How do I handle being nervous at auditions?

This is where the old adage “practice makes perfect” comes in. The more one does audition the less overwhelming it is and the easier to deal with.

In the meantime, a trick I have used with friends and my own child is half an hour BEFORE the audition take Vitamin B1, calcium, and vitamin C and E. the dosage and brand you will have to go to a nutritional site or look up at a reliable source.

According to some research I have read in various medical publications the B vitamin family has many relaxing qualities and actually helps to relieve terror stomach for a short time.

There is a book by Adele Davis, and while I am not a doctor or medical expert, the book entitled Let’s Get Healthy seemed to have some great and informative information about little tricks to help ease tensions in the body.

Finally, mentally, you must prepare yourself for your audition in a way that you feel you have done all you can do at that time to give your best performance and then don’t beat yourself up over any foibles. Find a class that embraces you as an artist and helps you to hone your craft without contributing to any insecurities you may already have.

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