Friday, September 25, 2009

Divas suck!

Divas suck - seriously!

There is the diva in Hollywood, male or female, they are all one in the same. Diva in the English language means a leading woman in an opera. Well, in Hollywood slang it has come to mean a woman who tends to demand, in an ungracious way, treatment or perks that are above and beyond what is acceptable as part of the needs of an artist.

Years ago a trend started in Hollywood where starlets would be asked by a generous producer’s staff if there was anything that they may need to be more comfortable. They would usually graciously answer with some small request.

In more recent years this has become a monstrous beast, from a simple thing like a specific brand of water to a HUGE request like a double the size of all the other talent’s trailer with fresh flowers in a specific color, a certain type of candles, specific food, etc etc….

Producers have caught sight of the fact that they can stand up to the “celebrity” and say no, or just not ask in the first place!

American Idol is a perfect example of this, all the guest performers are essentially treated the same way. They are paid the minimal amount of money per Union rules, given a so-so room and told the number of guests they are permitted in the audience. Sorry that is the way it is, don’t like it, don’t come get your face in front of our MILLIONS and MILLIONS of viewers!

It has begun to turn the tide. There is spectacular talent out there, people who used to be strictly film stars who are now doing guest appearances on television.


Because professionals LIKE TO WORK!

So what is the underlying message? Don’t be a jerk in anything you do in life, because it can sometimes permeate all the other areas and the next thing you know you are in a tabloid being talked about because you’re a real ass!

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