Thursday, November 5, 2009

On Set Attitude

On set attitude

Many wonder what will it be like to be on set?

How should I act generally?

If I act more important than the other actors won’t I be perceived as more important and then more opportunity will be available to me?

Well, a set is not at all unlike a normal working environment. Ninety percent of the people who work on a set never have their name in lights and have a pretty average life, suburban home, wife and kids, beer and BBQ’s on the weekends.

Generally, if you are just YOURSELF and maintain manners that is the best way one can be. If there are confusing things that occur on set and one isn’t comfortable to ask, make a note and check it out later, but don’t leave yourself with confusions about what is going on on set.

If one goes into a new job (which acting is – just a job, and usually new) with a holier than thou attitude how will one’s co-workers perceive them? Well, it is the same thing on set. Go in with an attitude of who you are, and you will find that those who like YOU will hire YOU again and again!

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