Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Opinions on the Industry

"The Industry", it use to mean so much more to be a part of Hollywood than it does today.

There was an art form that sometimes seems forgotten. It is called the ACTOR. With so many reality stars it is hard to find the real talent that was a mainstay of Hollywood's grandeur of yesteryear.

There are the real stars still, the Hugh Jackman's, who do a big blockbuster, but who is really a talented talent, who hopefully inspires others not to sell out just for the big bucks, but to be true to their own goals as an artist.

It is exhausting to hear commercials today that are a who's who of Hollywood. Do they really need the money that badly that they have to sell us cars, lumber, paint and a myriad of ten thousand other items? Maybe they should think about downsizing their lifestyle rather than their integrity....

It seems nostalgic, but there was a certain charm to the Marlon Brando's of a bygone era, the Greta Garbo's the other's who seemed to be just a little, I don't know, maybe classier than the trash we have to ingest today.

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