Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is Non-Paying Theatre worth doing?

Is non paying theatre worth doing?

The reality any work is better than no work.

When you are engaged as an artist, as an actor, it makes you more confident and helps you to expand your ability and talent.

However, don’t let a two-bit director who has cast you in a non-paying theatre job make you break your spirit as an artist, in other words, if the direction is bad don’t take that direction with you after the play. Recognize that the director has his/her own viewpoint and while working for them follow their direction, but if you disagree as an artist don’t let it follow you to the next job.

Theatre is a specific genre of acting, it is a great way to find one’s voice, figuratively and literally.

While you shouldn’t wreck the rest of your life to engage in non-paying theatre, by all accounts, it is a worthwhile experience to engage in and can be very rewarding! It is also a great way to meet casting directors, producers, directors, and gives you something news and exciting to add to your resume and reel!

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