Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Should I do Commercials?

Should I do commercials?

Commercials are an excellent way of getting your feet wet and making money while doing a job in the industry.

So, the short answer is – sure!

The longer answer and more philosophical question is does it work for you as an artist?

Commercials are a sales pitch. Always. When one does commercials they are selling something. It is still acting, but it a sales pitch for a product.

Do you believe in the product? Is it something you feel passionate about? Will you feel good about yourself if you do the commercial? Will you be embarrassed by your participation?

Once you answer those questions you can then decide if you should do commercials.

In the beginning of your career don’t make a habit of doing things that will make you feel you have violated your integrity as an artist, because you will set a precedent for your whole future as an artist.

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