Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Actors - How to choose a head shot

Actors - How to choose a head shot

I cannot tell you how many people say “A headshot should look exactly like you do”.

I think that advice only works if you have virtually flawless skin, full and fabulous lips and perfect eyes sans wrinkles.

Some of us need a little help to be at our best! And that is what you should look like in your headshot - the best YOU you can be!

So the first point is use make up, don’t drag queen yourself out, but do enough to spark the best points of your face. A good photographer will have someone who does make up if you are inept.

If need be, get your teeth whitened if you can, pay the extra money to have your hair did And if you don’t opt to have them whitened, pay your photographer the extra retouch money it will take to give you pearly whites.

Here is the second key point: Most actors are their own worst critic or total megalomaniacs, in either case, they are the least likely to pick the best photo.

So, choose several shots yourself and keep a record of the shots you like (not on the photo itself but a separate piece of paper) then ask your agent, manager and other actor friends to make their picks. There will be one smile shot and one serious shot that have more yes’ by far than any other.

THOSE are the shots you use as your headshot.

The other thing you can do is put the shots on your website and “survey” your friends and family via the net so you can move more swiftly. This is also a good promotion point, it draws people to your site who might not have known you were an actor or who haven’t kept tabs on you in a while who very well could have an aunt Gertrude who has a twenty year neighbor who happens to be a big director!

Give yourself a time limit to get the shots chosen and printed so you are not going on and on forever procrastinating (another noted action of actors – and another blog for another day) about what photo to use and thereby giving yourself an excuse to not promote.

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